Our logo was designed by Kellay and is in the traditional shape of the fifth Chakra, Anahata. Anahata is represented by a lotus flower with twelve petals. Inside there is a smokey region at the intersection of two triangles, creating a shatkona.

Sitting on the shatkona, is Kellay's beloved cat, Sadie. Lovingly drawn by Kellay's dear friend Abraham Rodriguez.

Abraham Rodriguez is a local Bay Area Artist and Visual Designer. He received a Bachelor's Degree in Animation and Visual Effects from Ex’pression College for Digital Art in Emeryville. For more info on his work and contact info, please visit his site: https://abrarod.carbonmade.com/



Sadie is the resident feline of Anahata Creative Collective. She is a fluffy maine-coon mix adopted from The Milo Foundation. Sadie enjoys cuddling, drooling, eating, cuddling, sleeping, watching tv, exploring outside, purring, sleeping, oh, and did we mention cuddling? 

If you a book a consultation with the Apothecary or join us for one the Creative Collective gatherings, Sadie will be there to cuddle, listen to your troubles, and provide emotional support.