March 4, 2017

Find Yourself To Water


Whenever I am overwhelmed with the world, I find myself to water. At the last minute today I decided to go take a soak alone. The world was loud this week with other humans feelings, opinions, and selfishness. I often forget that people do not always consider how they effect those around them. I was beginning to feel my dark fog surround me once again. 

Then I remembered to take this moment for myself. I often forget to care for myself. I understand what it feels like to be afraid to be alone with your thoughts, especially when the mind has convinced you of scary things in the past. But if you never take the time to ask yourself for advice, you sometimes never get the answers you want. Today's lesson: Take time alone and learn that strength, even when it's easier to depend on others. Rumi says, "Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself."